Fox Hills Plaza – Update

We are getting a lot of inquiries about Fox Hills Plaza and wanted to keep you in the loop. Below is an email from Sol Blumenfeld sent on 4/18/2016:

Dear Fox Hills Residents:
Thank you for your recent email comments regarding the Fox Hills neighborhood.  The City received several emails regarding the following:

§  Redevelopment of the Fox Hills Plaza
§  Reimagine Fox Hills Program
§  Affordable Housing Program

The City is currently involved in two programs which are of interest to Fox Hills residents and businesses.  The first program is the City’s “Reimagine Fox Hills” (Reimagine) which is concerned primarily with the business area and address open space amenities, circulation, parking and new retail and development opportunities.  The second program addresses citywide affordable housing for mixed use development and involves all of the Culver City commercial areas including Fox Hills.

Last fall, we shared some initial concepts for the Reimagine program with the Fox Hills Neighborhood Association and many of the ideas were favorably received. We plan to engage the rest of the neighborhood in conceptual planning for the area soon over a few month period  to obtain your input.

The affordable housing program is intended to address the local and regional problem of housing affordability.  According to State standards, households should not spend more than 30% of their income on housing and most people spend well over that amount on housing.  The kinds of people who need affordable housing today are seniors, teachers, police and fire personnel and young people entering the workforce.  The City is interested in addressing housing affordability and the proposed programs are intended to make housing more affordable through market incentives and mandatory “inclusionary” affordable housing requirements in proposed new mixed use development.  That program will require a number of steps and several hearings in order to be considered for approval.

Separate from these programs, the Fox Hills Plaza was recently sold and a developer is planning to redevelop the property.  The City would like to include redevelopment of Fox Hills Plaza in the planning we are doing for the Reimagine program.  Further, any redevelopment of that property must proceed through the City development permit process which requires three community meetings, public noticing and formal public hearings at Planning Commission and City Council.

We recognize the importance of the Fox Hills residential and commercial areas and look forward to working with you on improving your neighborhood through the upcoming Reimagine community meetings, meetings on housing affordability and the processing of any Fox Hills related development applications going through the development permit process.

Please contact me, Todd Tipton or Elaine Gerety-Warner at (310) 253-5760 if you have questions.


Sol Blumenfeld
Director Community Development
City of Culver City