Fox Hills Plaza

If you attended the “Fox Hills Neighborhood Association’s Candidates Forum” on 3/20/16 it was brought up that the Fox Hills Plaza is currently in escrow. The new owner had one idea of making it a car dealership. The new owner has been in talks with Sol Blumenfeld, Culver City’s Development Director. Sol has recommended to the new owner to wait on making any decisions for now. Culver City Council is trying to increase “Affordable Housing” in our city and start an Affordable Housing Incentive Area (AHIA) Program. This was an agenda item at the last city council meeting A-2 (15.707) link below. If you look at the agenda item there are multiple links explaining AHIA. Although they have a map showing multiple areas they are considering, Fox Hills was the only area constantly brought up at the meeting. A couple neighbors made public comments saying we want to be involved in the decision making process. Just because Culver City wants affordable housing does not mean the owner has to do it, since it’s the owner’s money. BUT there are monetary incentives if the owner does do affordable housing from what I understand. I kept hearing they would allow mixed use for that property area (which means businesses on the bottom and residential on top). I am personally concerned with that idea since I have seen new mixed used Culver City properties and permanent “for Lease” signs for the businesses.

Another thing to be aware of, they are putting a 3rd hotel within that same block. Extended Stay (“New 10 story, 163-key, extended stay hotel which will include a rooftop pool, sky lounge, fitness room, helipad and meeting space.”) The driveway for the hotel will be on the Green Valley side in between the Four Points hotel and the gas station. link below

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Renee Bayley

Treasurer, Fox Hills Neighborhood Association