For the Record……Important Additional Information Regarding Fox Hills Plaza

The Fox Hills Plaza’s sale is presently pending escrow and it will be a while until escrow is completed and plans are submitted to the city by HSH Management.  After conversing with the HSH Management representative on March 28th, he explained that the plans he presented to the FHNA board were meant more as a conceptual plan and not something definite as of yet.   I am glad that I was able to clarify that with him.  He further went on to explain that he listened carefully to D. Wallace and myself at the previous meeting when we explained the impact that building multiple housing units would have on our neighborhood because of the multiple building projects in and around Fox Hills.  As many of you know, the planning process takes time and there will be opportunities for community input regarding any building plans, which is part of the process with development in Culver City.   

Please feel free to give us your input and we will be in touch with HSH in the next several weeks for updates.


Thank you.

Judi Sherman, President

Fox Hills Neighborhood Association