Fox Hills Plaza Community Meeting on Thurs., September 14


Please click on link for PDF version Community flyer  9-14-17 Community Meeting Presentation (Final)


As reported in our last update, HSH proposed “hundreds “of housing units.  Their present plan, as noted above in the meeting announcement, is for 750 units.  The Board contacted Vice Mayor Small requesting his assistance in obtaining specific information regarding building regulations.    The information the Vice Mayor obtained from Sol Blumenfeld of the Community Development Department is as follows:

  • Rules for mixed use buildings can be determined as part of the approval process. ( ex: closing times for businesses)
  • Parking space requirement per unit: two spaces per unit for 1-2 bedroom units and one guest space for every 4 units.
  • The number of parking spaces for businesses is one space/350 sq.ft. ( including employee parking) Restaurants:  one space per 100 sq. ft.
  • Density maximum per acre pertaining to people and or units: for mix use project it is 50 units per acre.
  • Height limit can only be breached if affordable housing or increased open space is included. Under Culver City mixed use ordinance and “Comprehensive Plan” system density can be increased in exchange for increased parking, increased open space, streetscape improvement ( eg: bike lanes), or any other items approved by City Council.  The net value of these amenities must equal 50% of the profit on the extra units.   HSH is requesting 80 units per acre.  The current density of Fox Hills is 80 units per acre.
  • Items that could be included as part of the approval process are ones that the FHNA board requested when speaking with HSH. They are as follows: 
  1. Driveways on Green Valley Circle (one coming from the Plaza and one coming from Westfield on Fox Hills Drive on the opposite side of the street) need to be aligned with a traffic light and crosswalk.  Because the driveways are not aligned and there is no traffic signal, nor crosswalk or RIGHT TURN ONLY signs, there have been and continue to be numerous accidents.  In addition the benefit of having these driveways aligned will make for a more direct route from the Plaza to the 90 Freeway.
  2. Crosswalk installation across Bristol going from Doverwood  Street to the  Plaza
  3. ALL of Fox Hills be notified of the community meetings pertaining to this Plaza project and will be requesting that such notifications occur.   As we understand it, only those within a 1000 feet perimeter are required to be notified. This project is too important to all of us in Fox Hills for that limitation.  


Our main focus is to provide the Fox Hills community with accurate information that will enable citizens to participate in meaningful ways in decisions greatly impacting our neighborhood.    The process will be a long one and we want to get in on the “ground floor” of this process!!!    The 750 units is extremely large and we have serious concerns about its effects on traffic and parking congestion and a lack of desired retail businesses.  There are options to such a development and it is in all of our best interests to voice our input as to what they are and that we are not perceived as being just against development, which is not the case at all.   Over recent years suggestions such as cafes, a market, a wine bar and a place for local talent to perform have been suggested as well as keeping the service oriented businesses such as CVS. 

As City Council is keenly aware, Fox Hills already has the highest density of housing in Culver City. We expect our elected officials to be advocates for reasonable, not exponential growth in our neighborhood. 



  • Attend the meeting on September 14th and voice your suggested options to what is being proposed.
  • Share your suggested options and strategy ideas with the Fox Hills Neighborhood Association at
  • Email the City Council ( to express your perspectives to include what you feel should be at the Plaza when it is developed.

Mayor Jeff Cooper –

Vice Mayor Thomas Small –

Councilmember Meghan Salhi-Wells-

Councilmember Jim Clarke-

Councilmember Goran Eriksson-

  • Attend City Council and Planning Commission meetings to have your voice heard.  

The Board will keep you all posted on the latest developments and encourage you to visit us on our website and social media!  Together we can make a difference!!!


Thank you. 

       Fox Hills Neighborhood Association