Fox Hills Plaza Information

Since the September 14th Community Meeting where the proposed project for Fox Hills Plaza was presented by the developer, HSH Management,  and where community input was voiced,  many in the community have addressed their views to City Council.   The developer HSH Management is planning to hold another Community Meeting sometime in late October.  The date of the meeting is still pending.  Hopefully they will have an alternative plan to the one they presented at the first meeting which included 775 housing units.   As soon as we are made aware of the date of the next meeting, we will contact all on our email list and post on our website.

Please let your neighbors know TO SIGN UP  for our email announcements at and post the meeting information in your complexes to help get the word out. We need to keep community involvement going!!

  ****At  there are  renderings of the developer’s  plan and a chart that compares the possible land uses for that property to include mixed use, planned development (developer’s plan)  and commercial retail (which it is already zoned for).