2nd Community Meeting for Bristol Parkway Project – Recap

We wanted to thank all of the Fox Hills residents, Culver City Planning Commission, Culver City Planning Department and Culver City Council members for attending last night’s HSH Community Meeting for Fox Hills Plaza.  We had a great turnout from our residents! This is a very large proposal that effects our neighborhood profoundly.  The slideshow below contains the slideshow presented as well as some of the poster boards.  Various measures were articulated by the residents at this meeting, some of which are listed below.    These measures need to be seriously considered by the developer as the  planning process moves forward.  
  • Have retail only
  • Decrease the number of units
  • Increase the amount of parking
  • Install a traffic light, crosswalk and match up driveways with Fox Hills Drive
  • Free parking for guests/customers so that it does not spill into our neighborhood
  • Make the units condo’s instead of rentals or consider a hybrid of rental/owner units.
  • Include Affordable Housing
  • Preserve the retail square footage