City Council Candidate views on the Bristol Parkway proposed project (Fox Hills Plaza)

THANK YOU to Fox Hills for coming to the Community Outreach meetings, contacting City Hall and staying active against the proposed project for the Fox Hills Plaza.  The project is now on hold.
All four candidates have stated their opposition to this proposed project.  Their views are stated below:

Candidate Daniel Lee:
“The proposed development on Bristol Parkway in Fox Hills has thus far failed to fully incorporate the concerns and suggestions of the Fox Hills community into their proposal. I am an unabashed housing advocate as I communicated at the Fox Hills forum. However, I am of the opinion that development in Culver City needs to be responsive to the needs and desires of the community members in the neighborhood that is being developed. This has not been the case in Fox Hills. Residents have spoken wholeheartedly about their desire to retain the retail commercial space that already exists at the address and about the concern that 700+ units will exacerbate the traffic congestion, parking and safety issues that already exist in the neighborhood. At a minimum the number of units that are currently proposed to be built in Fox Hills should be reduced significantly. But, more broadly the developer needs to take into account the lack of bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure in the area and provide much more robust community benefits to address that lack work on profound improvements to infrastructure that will decrease and not increase traffic. There are other neighborhoods closer to well provisioned transit infrastructure where a development such as this would make more sense. As a city we need to encourage development in these areas and be responsive to well reasoned community concerns about the potential to worsen traffic, parking and the quality of life in neighborhoods, like Fox Hills, already burdened with traffic woes and parking issues. As a hub for many different businesses Fox Hills brings in a substantive amount of revenue for the city but this financial input into the city’s budget has not always translated into adequate representation of the concerns of the homeowners and renters in the area. This must change. In order for the change to be profound and lasting Fox Hills residents and stakeholders must continue to show up and hold our current council members and any potential candidates accountable to the words that they speak and the promises that they make.”

Candidate Albert Vera:
“I am proud to have been the first candidate who came out in opposition to this massive housing complex that not only adds far more density than has ever been proposed in Culver City but also does so with precious few community benefits.
The developer of this project has done nothing to listen to the community, to scale down the project or to address the needs of the Fox Hills area. This is, quite simply, a project that does not connect to the community beyond its own property line, but rather an attempt by the developer to maximize its own profits at the expense of the surrounding neighborhood.
Any development in Fox Hills needs to take into account not only its own impacts on the community, but the existing situation. I will push developers to “right-size” any development, guarantee the addition of real community benefits, including new open space, real community-serving retail, lighted crosswalks, strategically placed stop signs and a variety of other measures to address parking, traffic and mobility concerns in the area.
We cannot allow this development to move forward until the developer comes to the table and listens to the community. We can do better. We need to demand that they do better, too.”

Candidate Alex Fisch:
“I have attended two public meetings, and spoken with many Fox Hills residents, regarding the Fox Hills Plaza property. 
HSH has not yet presented a viable project because it still has not listened to Fox Hills residents. This project would be a huge change for the neighborhood, which we’ll all live with for decades.
So we have to get it right. City Council must not rush such a far-reaching decision.”

Candidate Marcus Tiggs:
“The issues I have with the project:
1) Incompatibility with Fox Hills
2) FH is the most dense area in city. Adding an addition 700 or so rental units in an already congested area in my view adversely impacts the residents
3) The location is zoned Commercial Neighborhood Serving. It is zoned that way for a reason, to give Fox Hills residents places to go to shop, fill Rx, etc….without having to travel to the Mall etc
So for the above reasons I can’t support the project as presented.”

We are fortunate to have four city council candidates that know the Bristol Parkway proposed project is unfit for our neighborhood.

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