Housing Study for Culver City

The Culver City Community Development Director of the Housing Division, Tevis Barnes will be presenting to City Council a proposal for three areas of study related to affordable housing/homelessness.  These three areas of study include:

  • Reuse of motels with the goal of converting them to affordable housing units
  • Sites for manufactured module homes( may involve small units such as shipping box style)
  • Seasonal homeless shelters

This study will likely be performed by an architectural firm and would focus on locations in the commercial corridors and near public transportation. The goal is to have this study approved by City Council.
The tentative date for this presentation as an agenda item for the City Council meeting is September 11, 2018.  Some Fox Hills residents were given the information that housing would be on the August 27th City Council agenda and that 3 housing projects would be discussed. Tevis Barnes has confirmed that this is currently a study and is not a proposal for projects.

As soon as this agenda item is confirmed, it will be posted on the Culver City website at www.culvercity.org under agendas.