Neighborhood Watch Summary on 8/1/2018

Our Neighborhood Watch meeting led by Sergeant Van Hook on August 1, 2018 yielded some valuable information to promote safety in our community.  We  want to thank the people that attended the meeting for  taking the time out to address neighborhood safety concerns.
 There were  concerns raised pertaining to break-ins via patio doors left open during the hot weather and in garages.   Sergeant Van Hook advised caution when leaving patio doors open, as it is a crime of opportunity and to report any suspicious people in the garage areas to the CCPD. He also shared with the group that there is an increase in police patrolling at the Westfield Shopping Center during the weekends.  The owner of the shopping center is funding the increased weekend policing.  
We distributed the May-June crime statistics for Fox Hills ( see on this website)  and the Homeless Resource Guide.
Per your building’s posting regulations, we encourage posting these crime statistics for Fox Hills.  
The main idea behind Neighborhood Watch is that we are aware and vigilant and report when needed.  “If you see something say something” is the main philosophy. 
We are  looking for building captains to assist in enhancing safety awareness in each complex by participating in activities to include: posting the crime statistics and sharing information at building meetings (eg: HOA meetings)
Useful contact information: 
Non-Emergency CCPD number:  310-837-1221.
Animal Control Number:  310-253-6143.  (EXAMPLE:  for coyote sightings.)  Click on the LIVE link for homeless services information and Resource guide.
For Emergencies:  911  
Neighborhood Watch Meeting at Fox Hills Park with CCPD on 8/1/2018