Annual Community Forum Meeting Summary – 10/25/18

Our Community Forum held on October 25, 2018 covered a broad range of topics that got us all thinking about our community in the present and what the future will bring.

To begin our forum, Lt. Dunlap of CCPD reviewed some of the recent crime activity around the Fox Hills area to include car break-ins on Green Valley Circle and Centinela and stated most property crimes are mainly near/at the mall.   He stressed not to leave anything visible in your car that would attract would be thieves to include such items as phone chargers, phones, sunglasses and packages and to be aware of your surroundings. For recent crime statistics, we can contact Lt. Dunlap because the Crime Mapping system is presently non-operational.   He encouraged the community to call with any problems/concerns so that he can follow-up for a satisfactory resolution.   One of the participants expressed his concern about cars speeding through the stop sign on Sumner and Canterbury and suggested more police patrol in that area. Lt. Dunlap said he would follow-up for more coverage in that area. He also encouraged us to join Nixle to keep current about alerts in Culver City and the surrounding area.   (See attachments for references)

Our next speaker was Jesse Mays, Assistant to the Culver City Manager, who spoke about the upcoming Community Conversations for the Fox Hills community that will help create a “shared vision” for Fox Hills.   It will be a great opportunity to participate and to play an active part in creating our future. Two dates/times are available to there are more options for people to attend.   They are either Thursday, November 29 from 6-9pm or Saturday, December 1 from 9-12 noon. Child care will be provided to encourage attendance and registration is strongly suggested. ( see attachment and to register: SAVE THE DATES!!!!

Ashley Hefner of Advance Planning for Culver City spoke next about the Culver City General Plan, which has several parts that have not been renewed for many years and needs to be, as it is a state requirement. Her presentation included the basic “elements” or areas included in the General Plan, such as Housing and Land Use. Please see for a more detailed description and to add your ideas and comments. There will be plenty of opportunities for public input starting in early 2019. Informational sessions are on Wednesday, November 7th from 6:30-8:00pm at the Vets Memorial Building Garden Room and on Wednesday, December 5th from 6:30-8:00 ( location TBD).

The newly appointed manager, John Khamneipur, of the Westfield Shopping Center (now owned by the French company Redoc ) expressed his desire to have close ties with our community and to bring us into a shopping center that we continue to enjoy. Most of the participants had raised hands when asked who goes to the Westfield. With a low vacancy rate he listed Roundtable Pizza and Jimmy Johns as two of the latest eateries that will be coming soon. He stressed the ongoing nature of evolvement and that the goal is to continue to have a good retail mix as public expectations have risen over the years. Acknowledging the crowded parking, weekend shopping center employees will be parking in near-by office building parking and encouraged people to walk and use Culver City Busses if able; also noting that there are 3 Uber drop-off areas. For “Black Friday” and 11 days during the peak of holiday shopping, there will be additional traffic control patrols. In 2019 there will be more community outreach, resulting in various types of events for the public to enjoy and participate in. When asked about future development of the property near CitiBank, he said that they can only be discussed after they are brought to the city as a proposal. His office is on the second floor near JC Penney’s and encouraged the community to drop by and offer suggestions and discuss concerns.  

Our evening wrapped up with Fox Hills resident and board member of the CCUSD, Summer McBride, explaining Measure K and Councilperson G. Eriksson discussing Measure C, both of which are city measures on the November 6th ballot. Remember, you can register the day of the election in person in the state of California if you are not already registered!

Two lucky winners of our raffle prizes won a $50 gift card to the Westfield Shopping Center and a $25 gift card to the Joy and Sweet Shop (near Ross/Target on Jefferson).

Thank you to all who attended our forum and stay tuned for more updates!!!