January Update

A Big Thank you!!!
Thank you to the City Council and School Board candidates for their great campaigning outreach during these challenging times of covid.  We also want to thank our newly elected City Council Members: Yasmine-Imani McMorrin, Albert Vera and returning City Council Member, Goran Eriksson.  As well as our newly elected School Board Member, Paula Amezola de Herrera and returning School Board Member Dr. Kelly Kent.  Also we want to give a big thank you to the election workers!

*We are so happy to have a member on our city council who also lives in Fox Hills. Congrats Yasmine!
 Support Local – #ChooseCulverCity
Culver City has launched a campaign for us to support all of our community businesses, To learn more visit – https://www.culvercity.org/News/Choose-Culver-City-Buy-Local-Campaign 
 Culver City Story Bank
For our General Plan Update, Culver City wants to hear from us.  Please submit your story about what you think makes Culver City so special.  Please visit www.pictureculvercity.com/stories.

 Remember Your Neighbors
Remember our neighbors in need and donate what you can to – www.FeedCulver.org
You can bring non perishable food to: 
  – Gratitude Market’s Food Pantry @ 3830 Main Street, Culver City – 310.836.4600.  Hours: M-F 10-7; Sat 11-7; Sun 11-5 (toiletries as well)
  – Culver City Emergency Food Drive Drop Off Bins (see our April 21 posting for locations around Culver City)
  – Remember to check in on your neighbors who might be alone and/or need help (please see our March 14 posting)

 Sign up for Vaccine Updates
To get updates on the Covid Vaccine  visit – http://vaccinatelacounty.com/