About Us

The Fox Hills Neighborhood Association was established in 1972 with the purpose of enhancing the livability of Fox Hills.  Our goal is to be a trusted, reliable and comprehensive resource for the Fox Hills community. The Fox Hills Neighborhood Association is an advocate for the Fox Hills community interests. Being part of Culver City, we work with the Culver City Council and Government Departments to meet the needs of our community. We encourage Fox Hills residents to communicate with us in our ongoing effort to identify and address community needs and issues. 


The recent efforts of the FHNA in various projects have resulted in:

  • Parking / traffic study for the re-alignment for additional parking spaces and reduction of speed in our neighborhood. (ongoing project)
  • City sponsored parking study on Canterbury Drive. Reduced red zones and were able to increase number of parking.
  • Installation of stop signs and crosswalks on Canterbury Drive and Sumner.
  • Installation of a pedestrian activated traffic signal on Buckingham Pkwy.
  • Annual Park Pride Clean-up Days in our Fox Hills Park since 2003. We have raised funds to purchase 4 concrete benches and 2 BBQ grills.  Painted rails and wooden benches. Planted and removed weeds.
  • Scholarship program for Fox Hills graduating high school students.
  • Annual Community Forum with our Fox Hills neighbors and a panel of local leaders (including the Mayor, Fire and Police Departments among others).
  • Candidates Forums – help inform residents about Culver City candidates.
  • Work with the Culver City Police Department in creating the Fox Hills Neighborhood Watch.
  • Organized Disaster Resiliency event with Culver City Fire Department Station #3 – teaching residents about CPR, Emergency Preparedness, First Aid, Cert, Emergency kit check list as well as a Fire Station tour.
  • Get the vote out – inform residents how to register, where to vote, when election is, etc.

Past Efforts include:

  • Negotiated optimal plans for supervised basketball in the park as stemmed from neighbor complaints.
  • Worked with property owner and helped pay for redoing the Fox Hills sign on Slauson and Buckingham Parkway.
  • Coordinated with Westfield during the development of the Westfield Mall.
  • Worked with city to improve trash pickup and other municipal services.
  • Buckingham Parkway narrowed to one traffic lane in each direction, with a wide meridian, to slow traffic.


Our Board:

Judi Sherman, President

Renee Bayley, Secretary

Paula Keating, Treasurer