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Fox Hills Mailbox Thief & Westfield Suspect Found! (2/21/17) – Culver City Police Dept Reaching Out to Community

October 2016 Neighborhood Watch ReportFox-Hills-Neighborhood-Watch-October-Flyer



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NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH News (last updated 11/30/2016)


    Email reply from Lieutenant Jason Sims “

    Thank you for your email and concern regarding the safety of the Westfield Culver City Mall.  As you know, your Police Department works hard to forge and maintain strong community partnerships and communicating in this manner is an important part of that.  The Westfield Culver City Mall is a safe place to shop and dine.  Unfortunately, like any mall that attracts large groups of people, there is a certain amount of crime that occurs there.  The robbery of the 90 year old man was extremely unsettling but also very much not the norm for our mall.  Most crime at the mall is related to shoplifting.  Many of the robberies that we experience at the mall start as an ordinary shoplift, but turn into a robbery when the suspect decides to fight with loss prevention agents.  This type of robbery is referred to as an “Estes” robbery, and is very different than the type of robbery perpetrated on the 90 year old gentleman that you referred to.  It’s true that we’ve had three robberies at the mall in the last sixteen days.  We are alarmed by any violent crime in Culver City so of course this number concerns us.  However, it is normal to see an uptick in thefts and robberies during the holiday season because of the large groups of people shopping during this time.  As I described in my previous email, we are taking measures to help ensure that the Mall remains a safe shopping and dining destination during this holiday season.  There will be uniformed police officers walking a “foot beat” inside the mall, and our regularly assigned Patrol officers make sure to pay the Mall extra attention this time of year.  I am unable to find reliable statistics for the Westside Pavilion and the Manhattan Beach Mall but I can tell you that there have been four robberies during the same time period at the 3rd St. Promenade in Santa Monica.  Please reassure the residents of Fox Hills that we take their concerns, and the safety of the mall, very seriously.  The men and women of the Culver City Police Department will be working hard to ensure a very safe and secure holiday shopping season at the Westfield Culver City Mall.  For information on Culver City crime statistics, please refer to our website which has a link to our crime mapping system  As always, please make sure to contact me with any questions or concerns.  Happy Thanksgiving!!
    Lieutenant Jason Sims
    Culver City Police Department
    Professional Standards/Personnel and Training

    Helpful Information for Safety at Westfield Mall

      • Should you be carrying many packages to your car you can request a security escort.
      • If you see anything suspicious, just go into any store and have them call security.
      • It is better to carry credit cards/cash/id in your pocket or hidden instead of opening a purse ( people are around watching for easy cash)
      • Avoid wearing jewelry and anything fancy to the mall.



      Fox Hills Neighborhood Association is working with Culver City Police Department in creating a Neighborhood Watch.  Our board attended Lindberg Park’s Neighborhood Watch meeting. They shared their experiences helping neighbors to connect with each other and reporting suspicious or potentially dangerous situations.  Some of the results were helping to solve 12 crimes in their area, no graffiti and preventing an entire house fire by calling to report smoke coming from a house.  We also met with other Culver City Neighborhood Watch groups and they all said how it has improved their neighborhood.

      Here are some of the benefits of a Neighborhood Watch:
      o   Neigborhood Watch is about preventing crime by feeling comfortable enough to report suspicious behavior.
      o   Forming a close bond and partnership with our police department.
      o   Neighbors getting to know each other, creating a feeling of community.
      o   Neighbors caring for each other and looking out for each other.
      We are looking for Neighborhood Watch volunteers!  Please email – if you are interested in becoming a captain.  Ideally it would be great to have representatives from all complexes.  We want to start with interested individuals and build up from there.  We can make a difference and we already have caring people in Fox Hills who call when trouble is suspected.   The 2 fires in the Fox Hills Park could have been much worse if someone had not called in to report them.


      Email – if you would like to be a Neighborhood Watch Captain or join our email list!



      For Emergencies :  911

      For Non-emergencies : 310-837-1221



      Nixle – Visit Or, simply text your zip code to 888777 from your cell phone to receive local alerts through Short Message Services (SMS). Keeps you up-to-date with relevant information from your local public safety departments & schools.


      Crime Mappinglink – Want to see the latest reported crimes in your area. Culver City Police Department updates this website with the latest crimes.




      Join the Culver City PD Citzen’s Police Academylink

      Become a Member of CERT (Culver City’s Community Emergency Response Team)- link




      Buildings Who Have Neighborhood Watch Captains!

      • Adobe Grande
      • Camelot
      • Doverwood West
      • Heather Village
      • the Meadows
      • the Pines
      • Winbury