MAY 4 2017  4pm

BOARD MEMBERS PHONE CALL WITH GABE:  R. Bayley, L. Johnson, J. Sherman, D. Wallace

Plan for the traffic lanes/bicycle lanes on GVC and Buckingham Parkway 35% completed with plans to complete it by May 8th and proceed to present to City Council for approval on or around June 12th.

The plan is as follows:

  • On GVC from Bristol to Buckingham Parkway traffic lanes will be reduced to one lane from two with an addition of bicycle lane and a buffer lane. There will be an 8′ parking lane/ 5′ bicycle lane, 4′ buffer lane, 10′ driving lane in each direction and middle lane.  Having a reduction to one driving lane is a traffic calming measure as people tend to decrease their speed on a narrower road.
  • On Buckingham Parkway , bike lanes and buffer lanes will be added in each direction.
  • There will be a resurfacing seal placed in these areas to strengthen the road and since it is tar, it will be darker resulting in more of a contrast with the roads’ white stripes.
  • Addition of 4 speed feedback signals to be located on GVC to Buckingham and from Buckingham to Bristol.
  • Three to six months after these changes are made; there will be a speed study, which hopefully will yield results showing a reduction of car speeds.  If there is a reduction then the speed limits will be lowered to 25 mph.
  • High visibility white strips will be painted across several intersections to include Doverwood across Doverwood, GVC across Bristol (already a light there),  across Fox Hills Driveway leading into Westfield,  Buckingham across Hannum,  Centinela right hand turn lane and Canterbury across Canterbury near GVC.
  • As a result of the decrease in traffic lanes there will be 60 new parking spaces created on GVC (from Buckingham Parkway to Bristol).
  1. Garcia is planning to hold a community meeting to discuss all these plans! TBA
  • The Bad News”: Continued delays in putting in a signal Crosswalk from Doverwood across Bristol.  Neighbors have been consistently asking for a signal crosswalk at this intersection for a very long time.  Yet another traffic study was done at that area. The California criteria for getting a signal or stop sign is 300 cars passing through over each hour for an 8 hour time period which was not reached.  That criteria is a high bar to reach and when asked about it being so high, Gabe explained that there is another local criteria used by LA that has a lower criteria.  To implement that criteria takes more staff, which he does not have.  He suggested urging our City Council to budget for more staff. He stated that the 2017-2018 budget does not include a staff item …. the proposed budget is being presented by each city department on May 30th at 4pm at City   I plan to be there to urge this additional item.  I am not sure when the budget is finally approved so I urge you all to communicate with City Council. 







  • Repaving of Hannum due to building construction:  Gabe will follow-up with Matt Gaspar of the Engineering Division as to who/when will do the repaving.