November 13th, 2019 Fox Hills Community Meeting

The Fox Hills Neighborhood Association (FHNA), a local group that brings awareness of important issues

and connects community leaders with our Fox Hills residents, presented their annual Community Forum

on November 13th. held at the Courtyard by Marriott on Bristol Parkway. 

Captain Jason Sims from the Culver City Police Department gave an update on the 18 month pilot program on the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (“drones”) by the CCPD, describing the various situations where the drones were used in the past 9 months.  Other police officers were there to make available examples of different size and function drones for residents to examine, along with providing handouts of the Drone Policy and the Mid-Pilot Program Report.  A video was presented showing a criminal surrendering with only a drone, no police in his sight. Community Relations Officer Marissa Yabko, presented recent crime statistics for Fox Hills, where a trend of car break- ins was noted.  She stressed to remember to lock your vehicles and to avoid leaving items visible to decrease the potential for these break-ins to occur.

Travis Morgan, Heather Village resident, presented the option of “back-in angle parking” for both Green

Valley Circle and Buckingham Parkway. Some of the key benefits he listed were:

1. Reduced speeds

2. Reduced volume of cut-through traffic

3. Greater visibility from parked car to the street

4. Safer for children: car doors open away from the street

5. Improved loading and un-loading: rear of vehicle faces the sidewalk

6. The parking maneuver is actually easier than parallel parking, with back up cameras assisting as well.

7. Narrows the road significantly, allowing for potentially easier turns out of driveways and cross


8. It complements the current bike lane project (could be implemented simultaneously with

minimal cost)

9. Addition of much needed parking spaces

As we would be losing the middle lanes for delivery/moving trucks, loading zones would have to be factored in. 

He stressed that this type of parking is only in the idea phase and that Gabe Garcia, Culver City Traffic Engineer plans to develop a sample diagram to share with the community to obtain their feedback.   The group’s general initial response was that they were open to see how a plan would work for our streets. 

Finally, Mayor Meghan Sahli-Wells gave residents a chance to ask her questions and express their concerns.   The subject of Re-Imagine Fox Hills was raised and the Mayor explained that the process is on-going and the benefit of going slowly instead of hastily, which could result in creating something that would be unsatisfactory to the community.    Concerns were raised about the increased traffic/congestion caused by developments such as the future occupancy of Apple and Amazon Studios. A discussion then ensued about the challenges of creating more transportation options (eg: dedicated bus lanes) and the need for more housing in Culver City. 

Resource material was made available to the participants including information about Homelessness, the Interim Rent Control Measure and the Senior Citizen Exemption for Measure K. 

The community was reminded to review the “Community Conversations” summary and the Re-Imagine Fox Hills Report developed by the Urban Land Use Institute.  Links can be found on the FHNA website: as well as on the Culver City website.

Freddy Puza, who is on the City’s General Plan Advisory Board, also encouraged the group to participate in the development of the General Plan, where there will be many opportunities to do so, moving forward in 2020

Thanks to the Fox Hills community for donating non-perishable food to the Upward Bound House for Thanksgiving meals.

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From the Fox Hills Neighborhood Association Board, wishing you all a Safe and Happy Season and a Great New Year!