Time to get involved again! Culver City invites you to participate in the General Plan Update on Land Use and Mobility Workshops

Dear Culver City Community,

Thank you in advance for continuing to help ensure the City of Culver City hears from you and your community on its General Plan Update (GPU) project. Your continued assistance helps us make sure taking part in Culver City’s GPU is accessible and equitable for everyone.

The next opportunity for the community to participate is by attending community workshops to discuss proposed land use and mobility alternatives to achieve the community’s vision for Culver City in 2045. All of the info is below in the boilerplate language. We encourage you and your colleagues to register to attend, and for you to forward the details to others who should participate.

The GPU team will continue to share ways for you to help us spread the word as future engagement opportunities come up. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.

For your consideration, below is boilerplate language (in English and Spanish) to use when sharing this with others, but feel free to put it in your own words. Thank you for your continued help!

“Join us online for the General Plan Update Land Use and Mobility Alternatives Workshops!

As part of its General Plan Update (GPU), the City of Culver City will host a set of virtual community workshops. You may have seen the notice sent out for the April 29 workshop, titled “Land Use and Mobility Workshop.” After hearing the community’s request for more engagement opportunities, we added more options for you to participate! The Land Use Alternatives Workshops will cover the same information and are duplicated to provide more options for the community to participate. There will be a separate workshop on mobility.

  • Thursday, April 29, 4 – 6 PM, Land Use Alternatives Workshop
  • Wednesday, May 5, 7 – 9 PM, Land Use Alternatives Workshop
  • Thursday, May 27, 4 – 6 PM, Mobility Alternatives Workshop

Please register to attend and tell your neighbors!

Purpose of the Workshops
How do you picture Culver City in 2045? The workshops’ purpose is to get community input on the proposed land use and mobility alternatives for the GPU to achieve the community’s vision for Culver City over the next 25 years to 2045. These alternatives are based on technical studies and  community input collected between September 2019 and March 2021.

Why You Should Attend
It is critical to have diverse voices in the conversation at every step of the process. This is an opportunity for you and your neighbors to shape how Culver City grows over the next 25 years. You will learn about the GPU process and the proposed land use and mobility alternatives and provide feedback to help shape an equitable, inclusive, and connected Culver City for all. The workshops will be in English with Spanish Interpretation.

Opportunities for You to Participate
The workshops are not the only opportunity to get your voice heard. Starting April 29, an alternatives survey will be available to gather community input and more workshops may be added depending on community feedback. The General Plan Advisory Committee will meet on May 13 at 7 PM to discuss the alternatives and what we heard from the community at the workshop. The City Council and Planning Commission will meet on June 23 at 7 PM to hear about community input and give direction on the preferred land use alternative to move forward. Information on future meetings and past meeting materials can be found on the GPU ‘Calendar’ page. If you haven’t already, sign up for GPU notifications or contact us.

Get Up to Speed with City Staff

Advance Planning, a Community Development Department division, leads the GPU process. Advance Planning staff and the City’s consultants are updating the General Plan to plan for the future of Culver City and address factors that can improve daily life for all. If you or a group of friends and neighbors want to learn more and get up to speed, contact advance.planning@culvercity.org or (310) 253-5740. 

*****We will meet virtually one-on-one or in small groups to go over the basics and answer all of your questions.

Last Chance to Share Your Story
Share your story, photos, and videos on the places, events, and people that make Culver City unique. Your story will be featured with other residents’ and visitors’ tales of places, events, and people important to Culver City. Submissions will be accepted through June 20.

City and GPU Project Information

Visit the City of Culver City’s COVID-19 update page for more information on how the City is responding to the pandemic. Check out the project website to learn more about the project. The presentation and other materials will be available for download on the project website after the meeting.”

¡Únase a nosotros en línea para la Serie de Talleres de Alternativas de Movilidad y Uso del Suelo de la Actualización del Plan General!

Como parte de su Actualización del Plan General (GPU), la ciudad de Culver City llevará a cabo una serie de talleres comunitarios virtuales. Es posible que haya visto el aviso enviado para el taller del 29 de abril, titulado “Taller de uso de la tierra y movilidad”. Pero escuchamos el deseo de la comunidad de una mayor participación, ¡y ahora tendrá más opciones para participar! Los Talleres de Alternativas de Uso de la Tierra cubrirán la misma información y se duplicarán para brindar más opciones para que la comunidad participe. Y las alternativas de movilidad serán discutidas en un taller separado.

  • Taller de Alternativas del Uso del Suelo #1: jueves, 29 de abril de 2021 | 4 PM a 6 PM
  • Taller de Alternativas del Uso del Suelo #2: miércoles, 5 de mayo de 2021 | 7PM a 9PM
  • Taller de Alternativas de Movilidad: jueves, 27 de mayo de 2021 | 4PM a 6PM

¡Regístrese para asistir y cuénteles a sus vecinos!

Propósito de los talleres

¿Cómo se imagina Culver City en 2045? El propósito de los talleres es obtener la opinión de la comunidad sobre las alternativas propuestas para el uso del suelo y la movilidad para que el GPU logre la visión de la comunidad para Culver City durante los próximos 25 años hasta 2045. Las alternativas se diseñaron en base a estudios técnicos y aportes de la comunidad recopilados entre septiembre de 2019 y marzo de 2021.

¿Por qué usted debe asistir a los talleres?

Es fundamental tener diversas voces en la conversación en cada paso del proceso. Esta es una oportunidad para que usted y sus vecinos den forma al crecimiento de Culver City durante los próximos 25 años. Aprenderá sobre el proceso del GPU y las alternativas propuestas de uso del suelo y movilidad, y brindará comentarios para ayudar a dar forma a una Culver City equitativa, inclusiva y conectada para todos. Los talleres serán en inglés con interpretación al español.

Para conocer otras oportunidades para participar, reunirse virtualmente con el personal para obtener más información u obtener respuestas a sus preguntas, compartir su historia en el Banco de Historias de GPU, visite pictureculvercity.com/alternatives.

Información de la ciudad y el proyecto GPU

Visite la página de actualización de COVID-19 de la Ciudad de Culver City para obtener más información sobre cómo la Ciudad está respondiendo a la pandemia. Para obtener más información sobre el proyecto GPU, visite pictureculvercity.com. La presentación y otros materiales estarán disponibles para su descarga en el sitio web del proyecto después de la reunión.”