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The Fox Hills Neighborhood Association has been staying on top of this hot topic as much as possible.  We have had three meetings with the developer (HSH Management), a meeting with the architect and have been working on answers to our many questions about this development with City Council. We have also been in contact with the Culver City Development office asking where they are in the process and what is allowed.  We have been keeping you informed via our email list, website & social media.  We are also staying on top of the Reimagine Fox Hills 2.0 which is still a possibility on Bristol Parkway. 



What is happening?

HSH Management is in the middle of escrow for Fox Hills Plaza and is asking to change the current zoning from CRR (Commercial Regional Retail) to a PD (Planned Development) zone.   A Planned Development Zone (PD Zone) governs the development of that particular site. In simple English – the owner proposes the standards for their own land (how many units/acre, businesses/acre, parking spots, height, etc.).  That specific land would have specific rules for  height, parking, etc. and would not have to follow the standard zone restrictions the city has.  Three Community Outreach Meetings are required.  It is then approved/denied  by Planning Commission, Planning Department then City Council.



Questions & Answers


What stage are we at


Everything you wanted to know about Culver City Zoning


Community Outreach Guidelines


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Latest News (as of Sept 14th)


  • We have currently had our First Community Outreach Meeting on Thursday, Sept 14 at the Four Points Sheraton.  Fox Hills had a great turnout of 300+ residents.  The Second Community Outreach Meeting has not been announced yet.  Please join our email list to make sure you are in the know.
  • Culver City Crossroads wrote an article Regarding our First Community Outreach Meeting – link to article



Can you show me renderings for proposed Bristol Parkway Project



What stage is the developer at with the city?

“the project has only been submitted for a preliminary project review, the detailed analysis of the entire project (including the parking) has not been completed, this will be done once they submit for entitlements. A preliminary project review results in feedback from staff who based on the overall scope/intention of the project, determining all required entitlements and approvals for the project.  

A comprehensive plan allows for flexibility in the application of zoning code standards for a proposed development; and allows the consideration of innovative site planning an other aspects of project design, and more effective design responses to site specific features, uses on adjoining properties, and other impacts than the zoning code standards would produce without adjustment.  This may include an assortment of modified variables from the zoning code that would be unique to this project site, development, and comprehensive plan.

As a preliminary project review, such flexibility of the application of zoning standards (parking, setbacks, design, etc.) have not been analyzed at this time. “

– Michael Allen (Culver City Contract Planning Manager) on Sept. 6, 2017


What has been submitted to Culver City for Fox Hills Plaza?

  • “What has been submitted is a conceptual plan for a mixed use development on a 6.62 acre commercial site at the corner of Green Valley Circle and Bristol Parkway. The project consists of approximately 860,000 square feet among six building (5 – 6 stories), inclusive of approximately 775 studios, 8,650 square feet of live work units, 20,700 square feet of retail, and 57,900 square feet of amenities to support the project.  As part of the proposal, the intention of the developer appears to be the development/approval of a Comprehensive Plan.  A comprehensive plan is a zone change similar to a Planned Development whereby development standards and design are incorporated into the project separate from the current zoning designation of CRR. 

Subsequent to the PPR, the developer will likely be holding another community meeting in the near future (I believe tentatively scheduled for 9/14). After they receive feedback from the City on the PPR as well as the next community meeting, the developer will need to prepare all necessary application materials and formally submit for the entitlements, including the Comprehensive Plan.”

– Michael Allen (Culver City Contract Planning Manager) on Sept. 6, 2017


I missed the Community Meeting, what did I miss?

  • Below is the slideshow that was presented to Fox Hills Community which took approximately 30 min to present.  It was then followed by 2 hours of questions to the Developer, Planning Department and Culver City Mayor.  




Zoning Map for Culver City


Fox Hills Plaza is zoned for CRR (Commercial Regional Retail) . Here are the CRR standards.

  • The CRR zoning district identifies areas appropriate for large scale commercial uses emphasizing a variety of retail uses including anchor tenants, entertainment and restaurant uses.”

– Elaine Gerety-Warner (Economic Development Project Manager) on Sept. 5, 2017


  • “To clarify, the zoning is CRR, Commercial Regional Retail, this is a different zone than CN or CG.  The community meetings are required by the City, which we are a party too, but not necessarily planning/presenting at. Members from City staff are in attendance to observe and note the presentation of the project team as well as feedback provided by the community.  As such, the City will not be making a presentation, rather, this is an opportunity for the developer to seek feedback from the members of the community who attend.”

– Michael Allen (Culver City Contract Planning Manager) on Sept. 6, 2017



Chart above is from the CHAPTER 17.220: COMMERCIAL ZONING DISTRICTS for Culver City – link 



Developer is requesting Planned Development Zoning, what is that?

   The intent of the Planned Development (PD) Zoning District, and the manner in which it is applied, is as follows:
   A.   PD (Planned Development) District.  The PD Zoning District is applied to areas of existing large-scale, multiple-family residential and commercial complexes developed as a planned district, and sites suitable for similar large-scale development.  The PD Zoning District can also be applied to sites suitable for combined commercial, residential and/or live/work uses within a physically integrated and contiguous area.  The PD Zoning District is consistent with the Planned Residential Development Land Use designation of the General Plan, and can be consistent with various residential and commercial land use designations of the General Plan.
(Ord. No. 2005-007 § 1 (part))
   A.    Requirements for the Planned Development (PD) District.  Development standards, allowable land uses and permit requirements for the PD Zoning District shall be established by a Comprehensive Plan (Chapter 17.560).
   B.   Minimum Site Area for Rezoning.  The PD Zoning District may only be applied to sites of 1 acre or larger. 
   C.   Permit Requirements.  All development proposed within a PD Zoning District shall require approval of a Comprehensive Plan in compliance with Chapter 17.560 (Comprehensive Plans).  Land use permit requirements for changes in land use after the initial Comprehensive Plan approval may be established by the Council through the rezoning of the site to apply the PD Zoning District, and/or through the approval of the Comprehensive Plan.
   D.   Allowable Land Uses and Development Standards.  Except as otherwise provided by this Section, allowable land uses, and site planning and development standards for the PD Zoning District shall be determined by the Council through the rezoning of the site to apply the PD District, and/or through the approval of a Comprehensive Plan in compliance with Subsection 17.240.015.C. (Permit Requirements) above.  In establishing allowable land uses and development standards, the Council shall consider the standards of the zoning districts most similar in nature and function to the uses proposed within the PD District.
   E.   Height.  No building or structure in the PD Zone may exceed 56 feet in height, unless a height exception is granted pursuant to § 17.300.025 (Height Measurement and Height Limit Exceptions). 
   F.   Undergrounding of Utilities.  All utilities, including telephone, cable television, and electric systems, required within the limits of all PD Zones shall be located underground. 





For Mixed Use Zoning – what are the requirements for units/acre, parking spots, etc. ?  (This zoning is not being requested but gives you a guideline)

Requirement for the number residential units / acre

  • “For Mixed-use project: 50 units/acre”

– Sol Blumenfeld (Culver City Community Development Director) on Aug. 14, 2017


Requirement for the number of parking spaces for businesses? Does that include employee parking?

  • 1 space/ 350 sq. ft. (includes employees);  Restaurants: 1 space/100 sq. ft.

– Sol Blumenfeld (Culver City Community Development Director) on Aug. 14, 2017



For Fox Hills Residential Zoning – what are the requirements for units/acre ? (This zoning is not being requested but gives you a guideline)

Requirement for the number of parking spaces for residential buildings per unit?

  • “2 spaces per unit (for 1-2 bedroom units) and 1 guest space for every 4 units“

– Sol Blumenfeld (Culver City Community Development Director) on Aug. 14, 2017


Current Density of Fox Hills

  • “The current density of Fox Hills is about 80 units/acre.”

– Sol Blumenfeld (Culver City Community Development Director) on Aug. 14, 2017









Can you explain the Community Outreach process?

  • Everything you wanted to know about the Community Outreach Process for Culver City – >> link <<



What is the status on the Extended Stay project?

  • “I have looked into the Extended Stay project, which appears to date back to 2014 with a Preliminary Project Review. There has been no follow up or applications submitted since 2014. As of now, there is no project in the City’s hands – should the concept/project resurface, the process would start over with a new preliminary project review.”

Michael Allen (Culver City Contract Planning Manager) on Sept. 18, 2017



What is the status of Re-Imagine Fox Hills 2.0?

“We have not finalized the process yet or received final commitment.  We are hoping to do that soon, so for now we are still waiting to hear from the commercial property owners.  If we received the majority, than we hope to be able to proceed with the plan development. “

Elaine Gerety-Warner (Economic Development Project Manager) on Sept. 8, 2017




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