February Updates 2022


  Since there have been so many package theft incidents from the residential complexes in Fox Hills, here are some ideas to hopefully decrease these incidents: 

  • Obtain your packages from your package area as soon as you can
  • Some complexes have automatic package lockers.  In this case, make sure all deliveries are made in the mailroom so they can be safely locked in a phone activated locker.
  • If you see a package belonging to a neighbor on your floor, bring it to their door if you can.
  • If possible, have an area to place packages that is not so visible from the entrance door of your complex.  
  • Delivery people from UPS, FEDEX and Amazon are supposed to leave packages at the resident’s door and not in the lobby, so request that they do so.  Please let them know there have been many thefts.

*** As an additional deterrent, on our request, additional CCPD patrolling in the Fox Hills residential area will be provided. 

*** According to a Fox Hills neighbor:  a locksmith changed the locks on many complexes’ call boxes (they are boxes realtors keep keys in, when showing units) as there was a video showing an individual breaking into a callbox, where they obtained the complex key to enter the building and proceeded to take a package that was in the lobby.  Hopefully changing the locks will prevent the break-ins. 


We contacted the recently hired Traffic Engineer Director, Andrew Maximous, regarding the traffic calming plans proposed for Fox Hill at the Spring, 2021 community meeting (check 5/23/21 update at www.fhnacc.org) .  Mr. Maximous looks forward to having a meeting with our community with updated plans soon and plans to have a website with project updates in the near future, so stay tuned. 


You may have seen the green vans in DTCC, going to and from the arts district that run about every 15 minutes.  It is a 6-month pilot project and if successful hopefully we can have a similar service in Fox Hills, making a loop around the residential area to our shopping area.

FOR INFORMATION:  Visit moveculvercity.com and scroll down to Circulator Service and click on the link 1C1 Culver City Downtown Circulator for scheduled hours of operation and stops (east/west)