April UPdates!!


As many of you probably know, with the Marshall’s and CVS closures, there is potential for development.  As of April, 2022, according to Jeff Anderson, Interim Planning Manager for Culver City, “We do not have any information on any development at the Fox Hills Plaza at this time”.

What would you like to see there?  Several years ago a group of Fox Hills residents discussed their ideas and came up with many suggestions to include an ethnic market ( e.g. Mitsuwa), Wine Bar with music/café, Bakery (e.g. Porto’s), Service businesses (like the kind we have now), an indoor play space for children and retail clothing stores. In terms of structure suggestions:  No billboards, no buildings higher than 2 stories and architecture that compliments the neighborhood.

Background information on the Plaza:For recent reports/community input visit: www.culvercity.org/Have-Your-Say/Reimagining-Fox-Hills and under “Resources” you will find reports including the (ULI) Urban Land Institute Report (Pages 17-19 have 3 possible scenarios for the Plaza area)   

As promised by Andrew Maximous, the city’s Traffic and Mobility Engineer, there is now a flow chart of all the current projects addressing mobility and traffic in Culver City. Visit: Culvercity.org, then search for Mobility & Traffic under City Depts. 

The two projects related specifically to Fox Hills are as follows:
1. Fox Hills NTMP and Bikeways Project:  to implement bike lanes, enhancement to signage and pavement markings and implementation of traffic calming devices including speed humps, bulb outs and traffic circles.  (SEE MAY, 2021 UPDATE ON OUR WEBSITE FOR  DETAILS OF THE PLANS PRESENTED AT THE APRIL, 2021 COMMUNITY MEETING)

2. The Fox Hills Master Plan to address parking supply and management to meet the shortage for area residents.  Presently, there is a concept plan but no funding for implementation

Information about small cell installations to include their negative effects was posted in our October, 2021 update. Please see this comprehensive factsheet that highlights the main issues at ehtrust.org/?s=FCC+Factsheet Proposed 5G small cell antenna installations directly across the street from residents and close to the Fox Hills playground have been approved by the city. 
A resident appeal hearing is scheduled for the May 23rd, 2022 City Council meeting.   

To summarize, the appeal is based on the following concerns:
1. Has the city insisted that AT&T offered specific, FCC approved concrete proof that there is a need to cover “gap of service” and capacity?
2. When the city promised to advocate for the residents, what specific alternative locations were offered to assist AT&T in looking for other options further away from residents, where there will not be 24/7 continuous exposure to emissions?
3. Studies of 3G and 4G emissions have proven non-ionizing effects (e.g. neurologic, reproductive)Lack of studies proving they are safe. 
4. The FCC 1996 emissions standards are outdated.

Residents who have been involved in this issue have expressed the importance of having  many people speak on behalf of having the antennas moved away from Fox Hills housing complexes to prevent 24/7  exposure to RF emissions, as the City Council decides what the outcome of the appeal will be.**Community comments to City Council at the May 9th meeting can be made in person at the City Council meeting held at City Hall or virtually.  Please Visit: Culvercity.org then Meetings & Agendas under City Hall.   (Check back closer to May 9th to register)

RELATED INFO- ORDINANCE AMENDMENT UPDATE: The City Council unanimously approved an extremely limited updated ordinance, which was vetted by the telecoms and omitted a large amount of recommendation from the residents who have been actively involved in requesting an improved and protective ordinance.  Per residents involved, when they asked for the rationales for the reasons their recommendations were omitted, they were told they could not have that information due to attorney-client privilege.  Basic clause recommendations  made by residents which were not included, such as independent RF emission testing at the cost of the telecoms and highlighting the need for documented technical proof of “significant gap of coverage” in order to make placements in least desired locations.  All of these requests are not prohibited by current telecom laws.  

Residents addressing this issue with the city provided recommendations, based on currently active, effective and litigation free samples of other cities’ ordinances (i.e., Malibu, Calabasas, Encinitas and a few others).  In addition, they strongly suggested retaining expert legal counsel consultation on this subject from specific attorneys who oversaw successful implementation of ordinances in other municipalities.  These suggested experts were not utilized and only the same attorney who initially crafted our city’s ordinance with limited protections was used, resulting in leaving loopholes that telecom companies could work around, making it easy for them to install antennas in residential areas and obtaining exemptions from the existing installation setback requirements (near schools and parks.

Wishing our Fox Hills Neighborhood friends a Happy and Healthy Spring! 

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